TikTok Provides New Insights via ‘Keyword Insights’


By adding a new “Keyword Insights” element to its Creative Center, TikTok has provided marketers with yet another helpful study tool. This feature allows you to learn more about the best words and phrases performing in TikTok ads.

According to TikTok, finding the perfect words can sometimes be the biggest challenge to making meaningful creative. Discover the best keywords popular with your audience and sector with their brand-new Keyword Insights tool. View a list of successful, actual marketing campaign keywords. Then, as you watch the advertisements, consider how to use those keywords in your script, ad text, and overlays.
As shown in the screenshot above, you can look through a list of the most frequently used terms in TikTok ads using Keyword Insights. You can see how frequently those terms have been used, the corresponding ads’ CTR (on average), and more.
You can learn more about how each word was used in each advertisement by tapping the “Details” element to the right of each example. You can know whether the term is more frequently used in clips as a text or voice-over.
Additionally, you can watch examples of the particular videos that use those words, giving you a fuller understanding of how other companies have achieved success with their copy.
It’s a valuable method to learn more about the app’s strengths and weaknesses and stay on top of significant trends as they emerge. To improve your TikTok outreach strategy, filter the listings by the most recent 7, 30, or 120 days. This gives you a solid foundation for your study.
Of course, you still need eye-catching graphics and a natural approach that complements the app’s display style. However, there are now many methods to gain more knowledge about successful TikTok ads strategies, for free, within this element when combined with its recently added Top Products data, its other listings of Top Ads, and its ad creative in its Creative Center tools.
All TikTok advertisers should check out the new Keyword Insights tool, available here.


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