Twitter Offering New Tools in Drive Toward eCommerce


Twitter is increasing the number of products merchants may display at the top of their profiles as part of their push to make the network more shopper-friendly to help brands generate sales.

Like other social media sites, Twitter is attempting to improve its customer service. The new Shops feature builds on another Twitter feature, Shop Module, which allows merchants to display up to five products on their profile and was launched in July 2021. Twitter began testing livestream shopping with Walmart in November of last year. During the Super Bowl, GoPuff held a live shopping event on Twitter, and Samsung held one during its bi-annual product event.

“We know that shoppers use Twitter to communicate with companies and have product-related conversations. We also know that when consumers learn about items through discussion, it piques their interest in learning more. Our burgeoning shopping ecosystem is built to harness the power of that conversation and offer a path for users to go from chatting about and discovering things to browsing and buying them.

Platforms strive to make the transition from scrolling to shopping more seamless, but persuading customers is challenging. According to a December survey by market research firm Bizrate Insights, 61.5 percent of social purchasers in the United States indicated they completed their most recent social commerce transaction via a retailer’s website, while 38.5 percent used the social platform’s checkout feature. On the other hand, Pinterest, TikTok, and Facebook have been steadily adding commerce tools and partnerships.

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