OTT Ad Spending Trends and Top Advertisers Report – United States


Advertisers turn to over-the-top (OTT) streaming platforms like Hulu and Peacock to reach their target buyers.

Pathmatics by Sensor Tower’s latest State of OTT Advertising in the US report examines prominent marketers’ ad expenditure habits to reveal insights like:

US advertisers spend $1.01 billion on OTT advertising every month, or 13% of overall digital ad spend.

Programmatic Video Advertising in the US

Financial Services firms dominate the channel, spending at least 14.5 percent of ad spend with each publisher.

With 57.8% of users under 35, Hulu has the most youthful mobile app users.

Download the complete study today from Pathmatics to learn how industry leaders leverage OTT to accelerate growth.


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