Self-Serve Platform for CTV Now Available to All Marketers


According to Vibe.coa CTV programmatic buying ad platform, 95% of TV ad spend comes from Fortune 500 companies. Until recently, only the largest marketers could afford the upfront costs and long timelines of traditional TV buying. is a self-serve CTV platform for advertisers of all sizes.

This is no longer the case.

The rise of connected TV advertising has already laid the groundwork for a profound paradigm shift. has launched a self-serve CTV ad platform that allows all marketers, regardless of size, the ability to upload and launch their campaigns in less than a minute. 

How Do We Navigate Connected TV in 2022?

Vibe Self-Serve CTV&OTT Ad Platform

The new self-registration feature, which launched in May of 2022, allows marketers to go live on TV in a couple minutes with:

  • No budget minimums
  • No contract processing delays
  • Custom channel mix
  • Precise targeting
  • Real-time, 3rd party reporting

The self-serve CTV platform has been in beta for over a year and is now open to self-registration. 



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