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In this post video, I’m going to give you a brand new up-to-date full on tour of my membership site.

If you’re looking to learn aspects of video marketing, I think this is the best course out there.

Whether you:

Then this is for you.

Now, without further ado, I’m going to take you inside of the membership area and show you all of the amazing stuff that’s inside.

Video Marketing Insider Tour 

You’ll see that it’s organized into quite a nice looking membership area, and you can easily locate the things.

The lessons, or the over the shoulder training, are housed inside of the course library.

I’ve organized this into nine main modules from complete beginner through to advanced.

Now, it’s unlikely that one person would need to go through absolutely everything.

But just to give you an example, let’s look at the niches and channel mastery section.

Here, we have individual courses that fit.

We have YouTube channel mastery, keyword research mastery, WordPress wizardry, Google tracking set up with tag manager, and then some syndication stuff.

So for example, let’s pretend that we’re interested in setting up a WordPress site.

We’ll click on continue course, and there is a whole series of lessons in logical order that you can go through.

So you can see there’s lots of information in here.

Now you might be thinking, “Why would somebody want to go through WordPress when this is a video membership?”

Well, when you have a YouTube channel, you’re often getting people to click on links in the description.

You need to send them to a website, and if you don’t know how to set one up, this covers all of that.

So let’s go back over to the course library and we’ll look at something different.

So for example, YouTube ads.

We have YouTube ads mastery, which is an overview of YouTube ads and all the things you need to understand to get going.

Then we have individual courses on all the main types of YouTube ads you could run. 

Other Courses

We’ve got stuff on ranking, whether it’s on page, ranking on YouTube, ranking on Google, playlists.

We’ve got videos on other platforms, Facebook video ads, Twitter in video, Bing in video, using Facebook video to build a list.

And then we’ve got this domination section.

This talks about how to take one video that is meant for YouTube and how to splice it up.

And then upload it natively so its the correct aspect ratio for the social media platforms that you might be using.

The goal of this is to get traffic from Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and so on, back to your YouTube channel.

Synergistically growing them all.

So there is a real ton of information.

Video Marketing Insider Features

We have a Facebook community where all the members can join and interact and get access to me and each other.

Ask questions, post whatever they want in there.

Now these are things that I introduced after initial member feedback.

They cover specific aspects related to video marketing.

The roadmaps are a graphical representation of the steps that you need to take to achieve a goal.

Then accompanying videos.

You can click on any one of the roadmaps & actually get the graphic.

You can download it to what you want, and then we’ve got the different videos pertaining to the different steps.

And from feedback, members have found these to be really, really useful.

We hold live trainings inside of the Facebook group a couple of times a month.

And if you can’t join live, you can get all the recordings inside the membership.

The software suite is in here.

We have a bunch of softwares, which are all web based.

Lifetime members also get access to two other web-based tools.

Members can keep the softwares for as long as they are a member.

More Video Marketing Insider Goodies

These are over the shoulder lessons that don’t really fit in any category.

So if you want to get some quick victories, you can go through those.

We’ve got some PLR as well.

You can use this stuff for your own lead magnets.

You can do whatever you want with our PLR content, all related to video marketing.

These are the lifetime members only bonuses.

If you want to know what these are then you can find out here.

Two of the bonuses are super sexy softwares.

One is a spy tool, the other utilizes Google earth.

Stock Videos

Here we have a whole ton of high definition stock videos that you can download as you wish.

Tons of different niches, look, law, marketing, music…

Too many to mention bu here is a snippet:

If you find that your niche is not in here, then you just let me know and I will get some ready for you.

And all someone needs to do is click on this and it downloads a zip file with a bunch of videos related to that particular niche.

In addition there are some case studies in here that members have provided, or I’ve done.

So there’s a bunch of case studies in here.

The VMI Bar

This is a secondary community for helping the members in this secondary community rank.

It’s all white hat and above board.

So if you’re serious about video SEO, then this is a community you want to join.

We also offer a pay as you go graphic service.

So if you want to get thumbnails or social media graphics, logos, business cards made up, then we can provide that for you on a case by case basis.

DFY Keyword Research & Channel Critiques

I provide done for you keyword research using my address account, which I pay $100 a month for.

And if we come down here and you’ve got a bunch of different keywords with a video focus.

We’ve got interviews of experts

And I do personal YouTube channel critiques.

So there’s tons of stuff in here.

And the great thing about this membership is I first started this back in 2018, and it’s an growing, living organism.

And it continues to grow.

If stuff gets outdated, I remove it.

If stuff changes, I add to it.

I add new courses if I find something important.

Outside Input

One of my friends is an underground local marketer.

Smart British guy based in Australia [Questionable taste in football team].

He shot a local video ranking course just for Video Marketing Insider members, and people absolutely loved the stuff that he shared in here.

So it really is full on.

And one member, a WordPress expert, was kind enough to record the whole WordPress wizardry course.

What’s more we have a full course from a professional videographer on using DSLRs for better video quality.

And whether you want the courses, whether you want the community, the access to the softwares, or a combination, it’s designed to be the A to Z of video marketing.

The last course you’ll need related to video marketing as well as of course, all of the softwares.

We’ve got a lot of great feedback from current members.

People love it.

People enjoy the community.

The fact that we help each other’s videos rank, they get their questions answered and they get the softwares.

If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to ask at any time.

But this is something that, like I said, it’s been around since 2018 and it’s going to be around so long as I’m physically able to support it.

It’s sort of my big project, and I’m really proud of the content and membership that I’ve created.

It’s a never ending job for me, but that’s great for you because you know it’s up to date.

Anybody that knows me outside of Video Marketing Insider knows that I don’t sugar coat stuff.

There’s no fluff.

I tell it how it is.

I’m not afraid to get straight to the point.

I can be quite direct.

But that’s also helps people, I believe, make better decisions moving forward.

Thank you for reading and let me know if you have any questions below.

And be sure to join us using one of the buttons below.

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