VideoAmp Releases Second-by-Second Advertising Measurement


VideoAmp, an advertising measurement and optimization platform, has released “Second-by-Second Ads Viewership” as a new measurement offering to strengthen its currency solutions. As an enhancement to their advertising measurement solution, the offering enables TV publishers and advertisers to harness the power of VideoAmp’s commingled dataset to better assess advertiser performance and benchmark against program averages. Leveraging actualized results with inputs from Smart TV ACR and STB viewership data across more than 39M homes, advertisers and publishers gain access to second-by-second commercial performance data in a flexible user interface.

Using VideoAmp’s proprietary commingled dataset, VideoAmp is solving the inconsistencies and limitations of using a single data source. Additionally, while other in-market currency providers use average commercial viewership, which gives all commercials within a program the same rating, VideoAmp offers distinct second-by-second measurements for each advertisement within a program or event, providing the ability for:

  • Publishers increase the value of their inventory with more accurate commercial and program viewership insights. Publishers can demonstrate how advertiser reach builds throughout a program, optimize inventory allocation based on exact commercial viewership throughout the program and understand viewership trends to inform content optimization.
  • Advertisers can evaluate the performance of their specific commercial spots and optimize investment allocation to maximize audience reach. With this dashboard, advertisers can analyze their commercial performance vs. the average within a given program, analyze the impact of frequency throughout a program and identify optimal ad placement to maximize reach.

BET engaged with VideoAmp to explore advanced metrics leveraging the Second-by-Second offering to understand key moments during the 2022 BET Awards. The engagement was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of the BET Awards in reaching high-value audiences across BET.

VideoAmp Empowers Advertisers to Optimize Campaigns as an Official Facebook Multi-Touch Attribution Measurement Partner

“Access to second-by-second level data gives BET a unique opportunity to hyper-target and pinpoint content that resonates with our audiences and drives success. Our teams utilized this transformative data to identify the most compelling program elements, such as show performances, commercials, host presentations, and more,” said Berj Kazanjian, Senior Vice President of Ad Sales Research at BET. “These advanced metrics allow us to enhance our content, further our reach, and deepen our engagement with our community.”

Some of the insights provided within the Second-by-Second measurement solution include:

  • Commercial Index
  • Impressions
  • Frequency
  • Average Commercial Audience
  • Average Program Audience
  • Advertiser Reach
  • Incremental Cumulative Reach
  • Total Viewers

“Having a true breakdown of viewership during every second of a program is game-changing. Average Commercial Minute is a compromise the industry has had to make due to a lack of fidelity in panel-based measurement. Big Data enables buyers and sellers to know exactly how every spot in a program performs – from exact-second start to exact-second stop,” said Tony Fagan, Chief Technology Officer of VideoAmp. “Being able to tell a unique story for each advertiser during a program and use the granular insights that have often been lost or overlooked, is a major step forward.”

Over the past year, VideoAmp has seen accelerated growth and market adoption for its measurement and currency solutions across the advertising ecosystem. The company has built a media currency with software solutions that empower the world’s largest advertisers, agencies and publishers to extract more sales and revenue from their media and content investments.


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