VideoAmp to Integrate Cross-Platform Measurement as Currency Into Mediaocean Workflow


VideoAmp to integrate cross-platform measurement data as currency for billing within Mediaocean’s Spectra and Prisma tools.

Measurement and optimization platform VideoAmp recently announced that it will be the latest solution for national TV and video currency to integrate with Mediaocean–the advertising industry’s leading platform for omnichannel advertising–to ensure buyers and sellers can seamlessly transact on VideoAmp data as currency at scale.

The integration of VideoAmp data into Mediaocean platforms comes at a crucial inflection point for the industry as it seeks to leverage new types of currencies to transact upon. In doing so, VideoAmp–which has recently partnered with major media publishers as well as six of the largest holding companies for currency trials–will provide clients with the ability to execute currency transactions at scale within Mediaocean’s workflow automation platforms.

“We have had a groundswell of positive feedback from clients about the results of our currency tests, but we’ve also heard the need for VideoAmp to be integrated into existing workflows across the industry,” said Nick Chakalos, Chief Strategy Officer, VideoAmp. “A key difference between measurement and currency is the integration into industry billing systems so transactions can happen at scale through automation, so we’re excited about the integration with Mediaocean because it does just that. It also continues our mission to redefine how media is valued, bought and sold, ultimately increasing the value of advertising for all facets of the media ecosystem.”

“We are thrilled to integrate VideoAmp currency into Mediaocean’s platforms as a way to give our clients the necessary data that they need to help drive efficiencies in an increasingly complex cross-platform marketplace,” said Ramsey McGrory, Chief Development Officer, Mediaocean. “Offering the industry expanded provider choice for measurement currencies will give our clients an ability to drive the most informed decisions and will help Mediaocean continue to create an environment that is both holistic and equitable.”

Specifically, with the integration of VideoAmp data into Mediaocean’s Spectra and Prisma platforms–which provides the industry with a record for media transactions clients will now be able to:

  • Leverage VideoAmp currency into their existing workflows. By automating transactions at scale, the industry now has an efficient way to transact, alleviating a time-consuming and often burdensome billing and reconciliation process.
  • Seamlessly plan and measure against VideoAmp data in a manner that is interoperable and scalable across the industry. This will provide both buyers and sellers of media the freedom of choice to realistically operationalize a multi-currency ecosystem.

Operationalizing a multi-currency ecosystem through Mediaocean’s Spectra and Prisma platforms will provide clients and the industry as a whole with seamless interoperability through their current workflows as well as the freedom to decide on the cross-platform metrics they wish to transact and make guarantees on, allowing them to focus on reaching and capitalizing on an increasingly cross-screen consumer.



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