Walmart Connect Announces Strategic Partnership with Omnicom Media Group


Walmart Connect, the closed-loop omnichannel media business of America’s largest retailer, has announced a strategic collaboration with Omnicom Media Group. This partnership will allow advertisers to reach Walmart shoppers on Walmart’s website and app as well as across its physical locations and online. This collaboration between Walmart Connect and an agency holding firm is a first of its kind.

The alliance offers Omnicom clients a wide range of strategic and financial advantages, including pricing, agency assistance, continuing product input, and first-move chances. In particular, the agreement makes it possible for Omnicom’s agencies to deliver connected experiences across media and commerce platforms in owned, earned, and paid environments. Omnicom’s open operating system, which orchestrates better results for clients across the entire consumer purchasing journey, is made possible by this agreement.

Using the Omni ID, planners can transmit advertisers’ first-party data to the Walmart DSP, where it is then combined with Walmart audiences to determine the domains, applications, and screens with the best reach and cost for Walmart audiences.

Several industry trends have come together in the Walmart Connect/Omnicom cooperation, including the developing importance of retail media networks, the growing role of agencies in online commerce, and the rise in interest in working together to gain a competitive edge in a fast-moving market.

The deal maintains the partnership between Walmart Connect and Omnicom that was established in 2021 when Omnicom Media Group took part in beta tests for the frequency cap feature of the Walmart DSP.


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