Video Advertising Pioneer Waymark Rolls Out AI Tool to Create Professional-Quality Spots in Seconds


Waymark AI Video Creator shaves 94% of the time to build ads and helps companies selling TV, OTT, and digital advertising quickly generate campaigns and drive ad revenue growth

Waymark, a pioneer in using artificial intelligence to scale up video production, has launched a revolutionary AI-powered tool for the advertising community that allows users to create video commercials in minutes with no creative expertise required. Waymark AI Video Creator empowers local media companies to instantly create high-quality ads and get them to air quickly, shortening sales cycles and creating new opportunities for growth with local businesses.

Users input a few keywords into a web-based interface, and Waymark AI Video Creator automatically generates every element of the ad, from script to imagery to branding. At the heart of the product is an artificial intelligence engine that processes a local business’ online profile and translates it into a natural-sounding script, with relevant imagery and brand elements, to create professional-grade spots.

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“AI-produced content is the future of advertising, and it gives companies that work with local businesses a huge competitive advantage,” says CEO Alex Persky-Stern. “Waymark AI Video Creator makes it so fast and easy to create compelling commercials — with no experience required — that it’s now possible to show every potential client exactly how good their business could look with a professional spot. Users just choose from a wide selection of video templates, AI does all of the heavy lifting, and then customers can easily make edits, share previews, and download the approved files. It all takes just a few minutes and helps you shorten sales cycles and earn more business. It’s radically changing the economics of the creative process, and allows companies to get campaigns on the air literally in a matter of minutes, rather than weeks.”


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