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microsoft tablet on table with cupSearch Marketing News This Week – March 27, 2023

The world of digital marketing is undergoing a rapid era of change, primarily due to technological developments. The ability to automate processes, discover new target markets, and even increase conversions has made automation a crucial tool for digital marketers.

With all these changes, it is evident that automation functions best when coupled with a tactical human perspective. As a performance marketer, you take the initiative and maintain control, and technology aids in accomplishing your goals.

On April 24th, new campaigns on the Microsoft Audience Network will no longer be able to use manual bidding. This will let you better use the power of automation. All current image and feed campaigns using a manual cost-per-click (CPC) bid approach will be upgraded to Enhanced CPC starting April 24th. (eCPC). By April 28th, this upgrade will be accomplished.

Gains from Enhanced CPC

With Enhanced CPC, you can increase your odds of a conversion by setting your ad group bids and Microsoft Advertising automatically adjusting them in real-time. On auctions that are likely to convert, your bid will be greater; on auctions that are less likely to convert, it will be lower.
The bidding strategy will always treat your basic bids as its main lever. These bids will be adjusted at the auction to improve performance and encourage more conversions, enabling you to dominate the competitive market.
At most, your average CPC will be the basic bid you specify when using eCPC.
Search queries, bid modifiers, location, device, ad copy, and many more are just a few of the various auction signals that eCPC uses to help generate the best results. The sum of all these signals enables more informed choice-making for improved advertiser performance.
When managing campaigns, you can use any technology supplier in conjunction with eCPC. Your bid management tool’s bids will always serve as the beginning point for eCPC before any adjustments are made.

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