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Have you ever tried to purchase a pre-roll and realized that you don’t really know what you’re getting into? Or what the strain your buying will actually feel like?

Pre-rolls are meant to spare you from ‘losing face’ if you can’t roll, to give you a way to try new strains before committing to a full eighth of flower, and to provide you with a simple option that lets you know exactly what strain you need for your current frame of mind.

That’s where brands like Good News come in. Good News has launched an incredibly diverse pre-roll lineup that is sure to match whatever mood you and your friends are in. Good News believes that no matter what the moment is, it’s better when you live it ‘together’.

Good News Shorties are pre-rolled joints that pack 0.5 g of a neatly ground flower. Each box of shorties brings 7 pre-rolls, and comes in a total of 4 social mindsets to choose from:

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