YouTube overlay ads are going away


As of April 6th, YouTube will no longer allow overlay ads. The action was taken in response to viewer feedback that these ads are disruptive. Removing overlay ads will undoubtedly improve the viewing experience and make YouTube a more enjoyable platform for all users.


WHY THE SHIFT? The decision is a significant victory for YouTube producers as well. Pre-roll ads, which start playing before the start of a video, are known to be more effective than overlay ads. Despite their videos getting a lot of views, creators frequently receive less money from overlay ads. By eliminating these ads, Google allows creators to make more money from other ad formats, which will eventually help the YouTube creator community.


INCREASED STRAIN AND COMPETITION. YouTube is ensuring that it stays competitive and continues to draw users and creators by improving the watching experience on its platform. This announcement comes when other video-sharing websites like TikTok and Instagram fiercely challenge YouTube. These platforms have grown in popularity with their short-form videos and algorithmic content discovery features, particularly with younger audiences.


Viewers experience disruption from overlay advertisements, a legacy ad format that only runs on desktop computers. According to YouTube, the “overlay ads” ad format will stop appearing on YouTube as of April 6th, 2023. This will help to enhance the viewer experience and shift interaction to better-performing ad formats on desktop and mobile devices. As engagement shifts to other ad formats, YouTube anticipates that most Creators will experience little effect. 


WHY IT MATTERS. This change might impact advertisers who use this type of advertisement. Because overlay ads are known for being inexpensive, advertisers with limited funds frequently choose them. By eliminating them, Google opens a market gap that might result in more rivalry and higher prices for other ad formats. More prominent brands might be fine with this, but smaller companies might struggle to contend for platform ads.



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